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$30 for 30-min lesson  ($100/month if paid monthly)

$60 for 1-hour lesson ($200/month if paid monthly)

Rock Band

$100 per band member/month - includes weekly 2-hour time slot (times may vary, but 2-hour needs to be minimum)

Graphic Design


Package prices avail.


Sessons begin at $100!

Songwriting Lessons

$50/hour, minimum 1-hour weekly lessons (can't get much writing done in less than an hour)

Recording Studio Time


Blocks available



Per Song & Per Album Blocks available


Artist Development / Performance


Music Videos

One song, in-studio video: TBD

Full band, on-site video production: TBD

Social Media

Starting at $   30/month per site. (FaBo, Insta, Twitter, etc.)

(Example: one post per day, one site)

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